The Most Expensive Homes For Sale in Florida

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We run down the top five most expensive homes for sale in the state of Florida. No surprise that the southeast coast of the Sunshine State leads the way but there are some surprises in terms of listing prices and locations.

Picture of a very expensive home for sale in Florida.
These are the five most expensive luxury homes currently for sale in the state of Florida. One of these homes has very recently hit the market with an eye-popping asking price of $65 million. Located in the city of Naples on Florida's southwest coast is a home at 2700 Gordon Drive owned by Marvin J Herb. The billionaire former Coca-Cola bottling plant owner is one of the wealthiest Americans and his home tops the list. Next on the list is a home owned by Dr. Norman Traverse, a Pulmonologist in the ciy of Palm Beach. The beach home located at 1744 S Ocean Blvd has an asking price of $59,900,000.

Completing the top five are homes all located in the city of Coral Gables. The home at 8901 Arvida Lane owned by Manuel C Diaz is listed for $55 million. Manuel Diaz is the owner of Manuel Diaz Farms, offering manicured tropical palms, shrubs, and trees. Located at 21 Casuarina Concourse is a home listed for $49,900,000, owned by Dempsey Realty Nv. And the home at 150 Arvida Pkwy owned by Martiniano Jorge Perez and his wife Sofia is currently being offered for $48,000,000. Martiniano Perezz is the CEO of Columbus Capital Lending. headquarted in Miami.

You can see pictures of these homes and learn more facts by watching the video below:

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