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The HUD/FHA Refund Processor Quick-Start Kit will provide you with:

  • Easy to understand step-by-step instructions including excellent methods and tips for locating refund recipients.

  • Ready-to-print introductory/notification letter and follow-up letter.

  • The payment agreement that both you and your client sign.

  • The Power of Attorney Form (optional) which will allow the refund check to be sent to you.

  • The webpage advertisement tutorial which will give you the ability to have a free, professional refund processing webpage online in minutes. Save time: This is a great way to have a refund recipient locate you instead of you locating them.

  • Order By Credit Card, eCheck, or PayPal Funds Transfer

    You can order the HUD/FHA Refund Processor Kit which provides tested and proven refund processing methods securely through PayPal by credit card, eCheck, or by funds transfer from your PayPal account. To order simply use the buy now buttons below to complete your purchase.

    Your HUD/FHA Refund Processor Kit will be sent to the e-mail address you provide during your purchase. To access your kit, simply open the e-mail that it is attached to. All orders are sent soon after payment has been received, including purchases made by eCheck.

    Important: If at first you do not see your kit following your purchase, please check other folders within your e-mail account. Most e-mail accounts are now designed to filter perceived unwanted, or unsolicited e-mails into a spam or bulk folder. At times, this feature can also filter e-mails you wish to receive. If you need assistance following your purchase, contact:

    Use the following button to order the HUD/FHA Refund Processor Quick-Start Kit which provides tested and proven refund processing methods.

    The Refund Processor
    Quick-Start Kit:

    Price: $8.95

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