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Posted: Jan 7, 2019 by Steve
It all started with a product. There are endless examples of people who turned their pastry product making talents into successful businesses. Here you will learn what new pastry business ideas people are working on for 2019. Maybe these examples will inspire and motivate you to start your own successful pastry business or perhaps end up being a future place to satisfy your appetite with quailty treats.
Making Pastry products
Making Pastry Can Become a Profitable Business

The Pastry Business Owners and Their New Ideas

  • This pastry business concept is based on custom cookie cutters. Savanna Smith of CookieThatCutters has been selling her 3D printer cookie cutters on Etsy since July 2018. As of January 14, 2019 she has made 438 sales.

  • Silke's German Gourmet Cookies is a new shop on Etsy, established in November 2018. The company has made 118 sales on Etsy as of January 14, 2019. Silke's German Gourmet Cookies also has a traditional website store and they offer delivery to the San Antonio, Texas area.

  • The new Countryside Bakery Company shop on Etsy looks to be headed in the right direction, as stats show 91 total sales and a 4.5 star rating as of January 13, 2019. Located in Cato, New York, shop owner Ruth offers a large selection of handmade pies and small selection of handmade cookies.

  • Heitzman Bakery has established three locations in the Louisville, Kentucky area since being founded over 120 years ago. Now you can buy Heitzman Bakery's cakes, pastries, doughnuts, breads, rolls, pies, cookies, coffee cakes, and desserts online at their new shop on Etsy. The company has already managed to rack up 208 sales from their Etsy shop in 2018 and have a high customer satisfaction rating.

  • Victory Rolls and Baked Goods is a new pastry business startup based in Beech Grove, Indiana, with a location at 702 Main Street. The company also has an online store at the e-commerce website Etsy where they made 569 sales in 2018 and have earned a five-star rating. Entrpreneur Amy Norcross is the owner and founder of Victory Rolls and Baked Goods.

  • Blake Warman is the founder of the new online cookie and donut company called The Blakery. Each Blakery cookie weighs over 6 oz. The Blakery is based in Long Island, New York.

  • The Donut Resist Bakery has added a new creation to their pastry menu: The keto-friendly almond buttercream donut. This donut is topped with vegan almond buttercream frosting and almond shards. This online business launched on August 28, 2018 with 100% vegan, home-made donuts.

  • A new food truck offering donuts could be seen around the streets of Chicago soon, compliments of a new startup, The Chicago Donut Company. Link:

  • New Jersey entrepreneurs Cassie Aran and Brandon Lucante, the founders of Cookie Munchers, are ready to open a second store. The new location will be at 11842 Bruce B Downs Blvd in Tampa, Florida. This is quite a long way from Glassboro, New Jersey where they opened their first store.

  • Sari Stevenson of Yorba Linda, California has launched a keto bakery called The Keto Bakery Box. The ketogenic diet is a high fat, moderate protein, low carb diet that is said to improve cholesterol, regulate blood pressure and be a good approach to weight loss.

  • Morgan Spindler of Long Island is planning to start a cleverly-named bakery called Morganic Bakeshop.

  • Kodiak Cakes based in Park City, Utah has recently added a new pastry mix to their line-up; a cornbread mix they call Homestead Style. Kodiak Cakes was founded in 1982. In 2014 Kodiak Cakes was featured on the entrepreneur-themed reality show Shark Tank.

  • Reno, Nevada resident Christina Ciaccio has launched a brand of cupcakes called Mindful Cupcakes. These cupcakes are gluten-free and also free of processed sugar, grains, dairy and soy.

  • Josephine Lewis of Sacramento, California has a 'sweet' pastry brand idea called Oh My Candy. The OMC brand plans to offer cakes, cake mixes, cookies, crackers, pies, cup cakes, karintoh, edible cookie dough, ice cream cakes, frozen yogurt pies & cakes, fruit pies, ice cream cakes, vegan cakes, vegan cookies, and vegan pies.


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