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Taco Bell Planned for Minneola, Florida

Posted: June 16, 2019 by Steve

Update: These locations are now open.

The Florida panhandle will soon be getting two new top tier quick-serve restaurants. Chipley will be getting a new Taco Bell and Lynn Haven will be getting Jersey Mike's Subs. Taco Bell will be opening soon at 1444 Main Street in Chipley and Jersey Mike's Subs at 2105 Hwy. 77 South Suite 4 in Lynn Haven.

Taco Bell

Jersey Mike's Subs
RGT Management Inc is establishing the Taco Bell. They also have a new Taco Bell in nearby Freeport, Florida. RGT Management Inc is a large Taco Bell and KFC franchisee headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee.

Kalo Restaurant Group will be opening the new Jersey Mike's Subs in Lynn Haven. Kalo Restaurant Group has four other Jersey Mike's locations in the Florida Panhande.

Taco Bell was founded by Glen Bell in 1962 in Downey, California. There are now over 7,000 Taco Bell locations.

Jersey Mike's Subs was founded by Peter Cancro in 1956, in Point Pleasant, NJ. There are now over Jersey Mike's 1,500 locations.


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