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Updated: Jan 12, 2019
Health and beauty products are a very appealing niche for entrepreneurs, and for good reason. Everyone spends money on them. In many cases lots of money. Here you will get a look at what new strategies and ideas entrepreneurs in the world of health and beauty are working on and maybe even motivate the entrepreneur in you along the way.
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Brooke Shields 1980's Wella Balsam commercial

The Entrepreneurs and Their New Ideas

  • John Atwell of Tyler, Texas is planning to start a brand of hair products called Ari's Choice. The planned products will be shampoos, conditioners, and rinses.

  • Jones Eason Enterprise Inc. based in Rochester, New York is developing a weight resistance product called Glute Trainer Plus.

  • Washington State entrepreneurs Francesca Tran and Daniel Clark are the creators of the new MCT oil powder, ketogenic diet supplement called Incramint. Tran and Clark formed D&F Ventures, LLC in 2016.

  • Entrepreneur Tanja McGuire of Vero Beach, Florida is looking to add another brand of beauty products to her Vero Beach spa & boutique, A Pampered Life. These planned products will bear the name Hopceuticals. Hopceuticals is also planned to be for sale on the A Pampered Life website.

  • Loke is a health supplement line idea that is being developed by Loke, LLC based in Centerville, Utah. Loke plans to offer various vitamins & mineral supplement products. Loke, LLC was established in January 2019.

  • Edward Fleming of Punta Gorda, Florida has designed a weight resistance machine called GluteFlex. The glute-targeting machine is now pictured at the SatisfactionFitness Facebook page here: Edward Fleming formed Satisfaction Fitness, Inc. in Novemeber 2018.

  • Pennsylvania entreprenuer Thomas Corner has developed his own unique brand of weight resistance bands he calls Rebellion Bands. These weight resitance bands are considered to be a safe alternative to traditional, cumbersome weights. The goal is to get Rebellion Bands into gymns and fitness centers.

  • Tommy Cassano of Manhattan Beach, California is launching a fitness product line called OutdoorBody. The product ideas include running belts, jumping ropes, training ropes, gliding disks, hand & ankle weights, stability balls, boxing exercise equipment, toning rings, dumbbells, kettle bells, yoga blocks, and dip belts.

  • Vitawell Nutrition is new health supplement brand created by Smarter Ventures LLC, that is already offering an robust line of products. Smarter Ventures LLC, was established in March 2018 and is headquartered in San Carlos, California.

  • Facci Fragrance LLC is a new company based in Chicago, Illinois offering Facci cologne. Made in Chicago, the company claims that Facci contains a considerably higher concentration of essential oils than leading brands. Eric Formato is the founder of Facci Fragrance LLC.

  • Habit Nutrition, the nutrition counseling service based in Oakland, California is planning to launch a line of supplements and a food delivery service called Hero Foods. These items will include soups, meats, fish, vegetables, fruit salads, vegetable salads, and snack items based on beans, fruit, vegetables, nuts, and potatoes.

  • Hemp Beauty is selling hemp-based product line of creams and bath bombs for treating pain, inflammation, and other skin related issues, These products contain the trace amounts of CBD allowed by law. Hemp Beauty, based in Boca Raton, Florida, was founded by Lindsey & Rebee Solomon in mid-2018.

  • Genaea Watkins of Hoover, Alabama has an idea for a health & beauty brand called G'licious. The line of G'licious products planned to be offered includes body butter, eye cream, facial moisturizers, hair care creams, hair conditioning oils, perfumes, perfume oils & creams, colognes, scented body lotions & creams, scented body sprays, hair serums, lip balm and lip gloss.

  • Kevin Thomas of Salem, Oregon is planning to launch a brand of health supplements called BetterCo. The line will focus on vitamins and Weight loss supplements.

  • Scott Russo is ready to add another product to his Nutrifuel health supplement company, Russo Nutritional Systems, LLC that he founded in 2015. The Michigan entrepreneur soon plans to offer Nutrifuel Surgical Supplements.

  • Founded in 1978, the Kittrich Corporation based in Pomona California has developed many popular brands over the years, such as Nature's Gourmet pet food, EcoSmart, Con-Tact, Promarx, Echols pest control, and many more. Next on the horizon is a brand called Brooke & Nora. The brand plans to sell laundry detergents, stain removers, essential oil air fragrance preparations & reed diffusers, dish detergents and scented room sprays. The brand also plans to offer a line of skin care creams, serums, lip balm, lotions, gels, toners, and peels. Persomal hygiene products are: bath bombs, evaporating shower balls, bar soap, bath & shower gels, salts, foot scrubs & soaks, detanglers, shampoos & conditioners.

  • Los Angeles entrepreneur Nima Jalali has a new idea for a cosmetic line called Salt & Stone. The line will offer: facial cleansers & moisturizers, aftershave, shave cleansers, perfumes & colognes, lip moisturizers, facial & body oils, body scrubs, body cleansers & body moisturizers, skin soap, liquid bath soap, and shampoos & conditioners, deodorant, and toothpaste.

  • Meegan Gregg, an entrepreneur from Portland, Oregon is the creator of Backbody Project. Her idea is to conduct physical fitness & exercise classes, physical fitness studio services, body sculpting, and group fitness classes.

  • Darryl Andrew White, an entrepreneur from North Las Vegas, Nevada has a brand of fitness machines and equipment he calls Valenser. Valenser consists of weights, treadmills, rowing machines, resistance machines, stair stepping machines, and stationary cycles.

  • Chadwick Williams, an entrepreneur from Farmingdale, New Jersey is offering a personal fitness training consultancy service he calls iNinja. The idea of iNinja is the use of a physical fitness studio for body sculpting classes. iNinja focuses on the physical fitness training of both individuals and groups, with a website featuring information on exercise and fitness.

  • Florian Hartmann, CEO & founder of Transcend Unlimited LLC, is planning a physical fitness consulting services he calls VIVAYA. This would include counseling services in the field of physical fitness, meditation & yoga training yoga. This consultation service can be utilized by corporate clients to help their employees make physical fitness, strength, conditioning, and exercise alterations in their daily lives.

  • Shhh!'s a secret! is a company formed by entrepreneur Sonya Allen-Roeth of Meriden, Connecticut. Shhh!'s a secret! is planning to sell an enormous line of skin care products. These product ideas are: hand creams, cosmetic masks, skin fresheners, sun oils and protecting preparations, face & body beauty creams. skin bronzing creams, skin clarifiers, skin cleansers, skin fresheners, skin lighteners & toners, skin moisturizer masks & gels, skin toners, foot masks, hand masks, non-medicated skin care creams & lotions, cleaners & peels, seawater-based skin care preparations for skin renewal, and wrinkle removing skin care preparations.

  • Entrepreneurs Jihyun Han and Jin Sagong of Las Vegas, Nevada are working on an idea to sell nail wraps, nail stickers, and nail strips. Website:

  • Katerina Kountouris is known for showing her vocal talents as emcee for the NBA's Sacramento Kings, and now as owner of Axios Nutrition, she is ready to display her entrepreneurial talents. Katerina Kountouris is now selling a line of body and beauty care products at the Axios Nutrition on-line store, from hemp extracts to natural dietary & herbal supplements. Website:

  • Australian entrepreneur Peter Skinner is starting a line of health and beauty products called Laura Grace. Some of the product line will consist of: cosmetic balls, body mud, facial blotting papers, hair regrowth inhibiting products, hand & face nourishing creams, massage creams, mud masks, pads, pencils, firming creams & lotions, skin balsams, rouges, soaps, white face powder, anti-aging moisturizers, pore tightening mask packs, pre-moistened wipes, sun-protection lotions, sun tanning and after-sun milks, and teeth whitening products made of neutral sodium fluoride sustained release gel.

  • Virgina USA entrepreneur Mabir Riveros, the owner and CEO of Healthydermis Inc. is planning to launch Maxy Derm. The Maxy Derm product line ideas are: Anti-aging cleansers & moisturizers, masks, oils for the epidermis, facial cleaning & moisturizing products, salicylic acne cleanser, facial cleaning products, skin toners, and body mist.

  • Yigal Weitzman, an entrepreneur from Israel, is the founder & CEO of Femor Cosmetics Ltd. Mr. Weitzman plans to start a health and beauty product line. The Femor product ideas include: hair styling products, soaps, perfumes, body lotions, and essential oils.

  • Dallas, Texas entrepreneur Brandon Shaw has a new health product line called Sacred Oils that offers natural extracts derived from hemp. Now available at the The Juice Shack Smoothie & Juice Bar in Plano, Texas.

  • Carrington Snyder of Beverly Hills, California comes from an entrepreneurial family with experience in owning cosmetic companies. Currently she is getting ready to launch a line called Bu-Hemian. The plan for the Bu-Hemian line is to focus on moisturizers, make-up, perfume, lotions, oils, creams, serums; cleansers, and masks for face & body; sun screen, after sun creams, lotions, gels, milks. oils, nail polish, and cosmetic compacts.

  • Chicago hair salon entrepreneur Charles Ifergan, owner of Charles Ifergan Hair Salon, could soon be unveiling a hair care line of products called Effortless Hair Inspired By French Artistry. These hair product ideas consist of hair creams, hair sprays, lotions, gel styling treatments, pomades, hair mousse, hair masks, shampoos & conditioners, and leave-in conditioners. The Charles Ifergan Hair Salon has locations in Chicago, Oakbrook and Deefield.

  • Dr. Larry Weiss is the CEO and founder of the San Francisco company, Persona Biome Inc. Through Persona Biome Inc, Dr. Weiss plans to offer bacteriological products used for medical purposes called Wild Type. Primarily Wild Type products would be used for the treatment and management of small intestinal bacterial/fungal overgrowth. Another line from Dr. Weiss called Symbiomic plans to focus on microbiological & bacteriological preparations for skin care.

  • Mexico empresario Miguel Hidalgo of Billion Internet Group has a new health & beauty product line for men called Royal Albert. These products include: mustache wax, face oils, hair dressings, hair oils, and hair wax.


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