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All of the unclaimed refund cases you will be using are provided by HUD/FHA free of charge and are found on the Mortgage Insurance List Selection Page of the HUD/FHA website located here.

The highlighted area represents an actual unclaimed refund case.

The refund cases on the state lists are presented in a format that can be somewhat confusing at first glance, but this will help you understand them.

The first ten digits on the left is the case number for that particular refund. The case number starts with three numbers then a dash followed by six more numbers. In this example the case number is 441-591710. The following numbers represent the amount of the refund. For example 0942.390000000.00 would mean that the amount of that refund is $942.39. Following the dollar amount of the refund is the date when the refund became available. In this example the date is 01/22/2003. You will see additional dates listed following the first date but these dates are not relevant to processing the refund. Following the last date, you will see the address, city, state, and zip code of where the HUD/FHA insured mortgage was paid off. In this example the address is 210 Hilltop Rd. Norristown, PA 19401. Finally you will see the name of the refund recipient in a last name, then first name format. Sometimes an additional address is listed after the name of the refund recipient but it is not relevant to processing the refund.

This information is only needed for the Tracer Found Case Form (provided by HUD/FHA) which is filled out and sent to the refund recipient after you locate them. The Tracer Found Case Form can be found on the Mortgage Insurance List Selection Page located here. Click here to go directly to the Tracer Found Case Form. Keep in mind that the most recently added cases will be located at the bottom of the list.

If you would like to purchase the HUD/FHA Refund Processor Kit please click here.

Note: You may wish to bookmark HUD/FHA's Mortgage Insurance List Selection Page and Tracer Found Case Form now to have direct access to these items once you have purchased the HUD/FHA Refund Processor Kit.

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