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Google AdSense Income Strategies

For those who are unaware, an exciting new AdSense feature was unveiled in 2018 known as AdSense Auto ads. Auto ads allows Google to automatically place ads on websites, which is a dramatic change to the standard method of users creating ad units then placing the code on their websites. The idea is that Google will use artificial intelligence to understand your website then place specific adsense units where and when they should experience higher click through ratios. Complete details here: https://adsense.googleblog.com/2018/02/introducing-adsense-auto-ads.html.

With that said, I have been looking for inspiration to increase my internet business income and happened upon some people using Google AdSense that you might want to check out as well. These examples are people using AdSense to monetize their websites and YouTube videos. In most examples an actual image of the amount they have earned will be posted along with the person being profiled.

Google AdSense Winners

Posted: April 25, 2018
Keder Cormier is an entrepreneur who among other income strategies, uses AdSense to monetize his YouTube videos. He has posted at least two YouTube earnings reports from 2017.

Keder Cormier YouTube earnings

Keder Cormier YouTube earnings
Keder Cormier's YouTube channel.

Manik & Pankaj Sharma appear to have created a clever way to make AdSense work for them. After revealing their AdSense income amount from the websites they created, I wanted to learn more. They are quite a bit cryptic about the content on their websites, but that's undertsandable after all it would be easy for someone to mirror their content and take a slice of their profits as a result. None-the-less, these two do give a general idea of their busines model that can be very useful.

Manik & Pankaj Sharma
Manik & Pankaj Sharma AdSense earnings
Manik & Pankaj Sharma's YouTube channel.

Paul James is implementing an AdSense income strategy where he has ads running on websites that he created by means of content curation with a WordPress theme. With the theme he can build webpages very quickly because this approach uses popular articles that are already available. Internet content curation is the process of gathering information from published sources about a particular topic then sharing it on your own website or social media platform.

Paul James Adsense winner;

Paul James' YouTube channel.

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