Frequently Asked Questions

The following are a list of frequently asked questions. This list has been narrowed down to the most pertinent questions. If you have any further questions after reading this you can contact HUD/FHA at (202) 708-1112.

Question: I received a postcard in the mail offering a Government Refund Processor job but it did not include a business name just a number to call. Is this a scam?
Answer: There have been reports of people receiving postcards and/or letters offering a Government Refund Processor job. Keep in mind that a legitimate business that mails out home-based work offers should have no problem providing the name they are conducting business under. If a name is not provided you are urged to exercise caution. If a name is provided you should be able to verify the legitimacy of the business with a small amount of investigative work.

Question: How many people are entitled to a refund?
Answer: Currently it is estimated that over 100,000 people nationwide, including the U.S. territory of Puerto Rico due HUD/FHA refunds as a result of this program.

Question: What's the dollar amount of these refunds?
Answer: The average refunds are approximately $300 to $1,000. The highest refunds are around $5,000.

Question: Why doesn't HUD/FHA do this themselves?
Answer: It was determined that the cost involved with creating a division within HUD/FHA for the sole purpose of returning this money back to the people would far exceed the cost of allowing people to do this for them independently.

Question: Why didn't the people collect their refund?
Answer: The most common reasons are: 1) Over time most people simply forget that they are entitled to a refund therefore do not contact HUD/FHA to claim it. 2) The home was sold and the individual did not provide a forwarding address at the post office. 3) The letter that is sent to them by HUD/FHA notifying them of their refund is often mistaken as junk mail.

Question: How do I find these people?
Answer: In some cases these people have simply refinanced their home and can still be contacted at the address shown on the state list. Typically though these people have sold the home but can be found with free people search services such as and the Personator Search at Please watch the video tutorial below and check out this in-depth review on how to find someone's address for free here.
The examples shown on the video tutorial are actual cases where a payee is listed as having an unclaimed refund.

You can view the video tutorial in either .mp4 or .wmv format.

Question: Can I download the state lists and do this on my own?
Answer: Yes, however HUD/FHA does not provide the training information because you will be working on a third-party basis, not as an employee of HUD/FHA. The training information includes detailed correspondence information so you won't have figure out what to say when you locate a refund recipient. This is essential in order to avoid the possibility of misrepresentation,which could result in a legal problem.

Question: Do I get paid by HUD/FHA or by the people who have money owed to them?
Answer: By the people. In no case will HUD/FHA make a separate check payable to you.

Question: How do I decide what processing fee to charge?
Answer: You can charge whatever you feel is fair for your services. A 10% to 20% processing fee is acceptable. You can charge more than 20% but some refund recipients might be reluctant in acquiring your services. You can even charge a flat' fee.

In this following unclaimed case example a 20% processing fee would equal $587.

Bolanos, Roberto C 1112 Caraway Ln. Las Vegas, NV 89144 Amount of refund: $2,933.28 Case #332-466677 Date available to collect: 01/27/2009.

Even if you were to only charge a $75 flat fee per case there is still good earning potential.

Question: How long will it take me to get paid?
Answer: You will have two payment options to choose from. One of these options will allow you to be paid after the individual has received their refund, the other will allow you to be paid within a few days of contacting a client. You will learn precisely how to use these options to guarantee payment for your services.

Question: What's the best way to contact these people?
Answer: Once you have located a refund recipient you can contact them either by phone or regular postal mailing. You simply choose which approach is best for you. If you decide to write to them you will send this letter using a handwritten envelope. This is a great way to get their attention and to avoid the possibility that they could mistake your letter as ''junk mail.'' The quick-start kit also includes ready-to-print introductory/notification letters for contacting refund recipients by mail. You will be able to simply print out or reduplicate these letters to send to them.

Question: What sort of expenses are required in this business?
Answer: The only expenses that you will incur will be for stamps, envelopes and paper. However, these costs are quite minimal especially when compared to the average processing fee that you receive.

Question: Once I contact a refund recipient what will stop them from doing this themselves?
Answer: When you contact them you will only inform them that they have an unclaimed refund and that you will help them collect it for a fee. Once they have committed to a payment option, you then disclose the reason for the refund.

Question: Does HUD/FHA require you to be licensed?
Answer: No. HUD/FHA requires no license because you are not dealing directly with these funds.

Question: Do I have to do a lot of selling to the refund recipient in order for them to be interested in my services?
Answer: Not at all. People are very happy when they out that they have an unclaimed refund and that you will assist them in collecting it. The in-depth online training manual will show you the proper wording to use when notifying a refund recipient of their refund (this is extremely important). Remember, you don't even have to speak to a refund recipient unless you choose to.

Question: What is the purpose of the Tracer Found Case Form?
Answer: The Tracer Found Case form is the form you will provide to the refund recipients that you are helping. The top portion of the form is for your information (name, address and telephone #) and the bottom is for the refund recipient to fill out. Once this form is completed it is sent to HUD/FHA. At this point your work is done. The Power of Attorney form is optional and is filled out by the refund recipient. If this form is used it will allow the refund check to be sent to your address instead of the refund recipient's address. You can view both of these documents by clicking here.

Question: Do the people need to pay taxes on these refunds?
Answer: No, they do not have to report their refund on their income taxes.

Question: Do I need to have experience or a background in any certain field to be able to do this?
Answer: No experience is necessary. You will know how to process these refunds after reading over the simple instructions included in the training information.

If you would now wish to purchase The HUD/FHA Refund Processor Kit please click here.

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