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"There's the whole other side of the equation which I write about a lot in the book with Purab de Karma with the idea that there are there's a curriculum for every soul in a given lifetime that it's here to learn so if you're here to learn as an old soul if you're here to learn detachment or if you're here to learn patience or if you're here to learn acceptance then just hammering the universe with your agendas of all the things that you're hoping to manifest mean nothing because the universe can be like well that's nice that you want that but actually you're here to learn how to receive, well you're here to learn how to let go." - Tosha Silver
How to contact Tosha Silver, Yale graduate, author, and practitioner of yogic philosophy. Plus learn about her strategies on obtaning abundance and more by watching one of her popular interview videos.

Tosha Silver's Email Contacts:
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Email Address: [email protected]

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Email Address: [email protected]

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A very insightful interview with Tosha Silver:

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